Who We Serve

We help a variety of individuals and families plan to reduce their risks in retirement with our comprehensive approach to planning. Our goal is to help people have confidence that their money will outlast them, so they have the financial well-being to enjoy their retirement years.

We will work with anyone who feels strongly about wanting to protect their financial future and has faith in our process. Though, over the years, we have developed a distinct understanding of the needs of some specific groups, including:

<strong>Federal Workers</strong>

Federal Workers

Because we work with so many federal employees, we have an in-depth understanding of both FERS & CSRS pension benefits and the tactics to help with retirement at an early age. We know how to design a holistic retirement plan founded on the 2 Economic Powers® – your FERS/CSRS pension and equity investments including your Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). Many of our clients are air traffic controllers, law enforcement, postal workers, veterans, and others who fall into this category.

<strong>Professionals &#38; Their Families</strong>

Professionals & Their Families

Other working professionals can benefit from the 2 Economic Powers® approach as well. Many private sector employees already have an adequate rate of return power from their employer through a 401k, 403b, or other retirement account; however, they lack the actuarial piece to the retirement income puzzle. We pick up where your employer plan leaves off – or develop a holistic plan if you don't have an employer retirement savings vehicle. We’ve helped many professionals and their families create sustainable, reliable income for the future so they can enjoy a dignified retirement. 

<strong>Small Business Owners</strong>

Small Business Owners

Owners of closely held businesses are near and dear to our hearts, as Yeaton Financial Group is a family business. We work with many entrepreneurs in a variety of industries, including sales and marketing, advertising graphic design, and printing. This gives us a distinct perspective and knowledge of the needs of business owners, such as thinking through succession options and how to plan for retirement.

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