When it comes to retirement, most people face three risks that they would like to reduce as they plan for their future:

1. Longevity – This is the risk of living longer than anticipated and running out of money in retirement.

2. Inflation
– The long-term average inflation rate is over 3%, so over time, your savings may be worth less.

3. Market Timing – We cannot know when stocks will go up or down, so equity investments can be unpredictable.

How We Address These Risks

How We Address These Risks

At Yeaton Financial Group, we take an approach to retirement income that incorporates the two financial powers that we can harness: rates of return on investments and actuarial products, such as insurance or pensions. Rather than only using investment returns to create retirement income, our approach creates two streams of income that help balance each other and reduce your retirement risks.

Using pensions and insurance can provide an additional stream of income that is not tied to market risk. While some people have pensions as part of their employer retirement benefits – such as federal workers, teachers, veterans – those who don’t can create their own self-funded pension that can provide more reliable income in retirement than investment-based assets, like a 401(k), TSP, or 403(b) by themselves.

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Customized Strategy & Services

Customized Strategy & Services

When it comes to creating your investment plan, we are not out to chase the next hot stock. But we are not beholden to a particular investment philosophy either. We start with the end in mind by asking clients: What do you want to accomplish with your investments? 

The answer depends on your circumstances – you might already have significant wealth that you’d like to preserve or impact a charitable cause that you feel passionate about; you may want to generate income to maintain your lifestyle in retirement without worry or stress; you might have kids or grandkids who you want to help with college expenses; or you might need to grow your retirement assets in order to have a comfortable retirement. Your wants and needs inform our recommendations – there’s no one-size-fits all approach.

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