When it comes to planning for retirement, 
we like to think of it as if you were planning to climb a mountain.

You would probably take someone who knows the way, and you wouldn’t start
up the mountain without knowing how to get back down.

Planning Your Journey

At Yeaton Financial Group, we help you plot a path to retirement and help you navigate confidently through retirement. 

We put strategies into place for you to accumulate enough wealth during your working years, so you’re comfortable retiring when you make it to the top of your mountain. Even more importantly, we implement methods to distribute your wealth in retirement – when you’re coming down the mountain – that help fortify against running out of money and market risk. 

Our method uses the Two Economic Powers® approach to provide income strategies and reduce the risks in retirement.

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Family & Faith

Family & Faith

When you work with Yeaton Financial Group, you are working with family – Ryan, Tom and Tammy. We each serve as an integral part of the team, helping to ensure a high level of personal service for all our clients. 

We believe in treating clients as family, building relationships founded on trust and respect, and helping others have faith that their financial future is headed on the right path.

Who We Serve

We help those who want to feel confident in their retirement plan, regardless of what is happening in the markets. While our process works well with those who have pensions, our clients come from many backgrounds and with different needs. But they all have one thing in common: They believe in our process.

We work closely with clients to develop a comprehensive financial plan that is customized to their goals – whether a comfortable retirement, helping to pay for college educations, or leaving a legacy for family or causes that are important. Working together, we make sure you have enough saved for your retirement lifestyle and a plan that doesn’t expose you to too much market risk.

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