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We believe an informed decision is a responsible decision; likewise, the ones with the necessary information have an obligation to inform. That is why every now and then we take the time to put on educational workshops that are informative as well as interactive so that our prospects and clients, and anyone else who listens, can be well-informed to make those critical life and financial decisions that they need to make. These are decisions that everyone has to make eventually; be it for retirement income, when to take Social Security, decisions about assets in the market, strategies to for business owners to mitigate their business's risk, expenses, and taxes, when and how to start saving for higher education, what kind and how much protection should you have and how should you own it, we even help with the the decision of how and when you should take Medicare. We strive to ensure our clients and community are as well informed as possible.

RSVP for any of our upcoming workshops that interest you so that you may finally have the information you need for confidently making a decision for you based on your unique situation and not merely based on general "one-sized-fits-all" information.